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All schools strive to get the best results for pupil improvement and school attainment. This can only be a good thing, as all they want is to help your child develop and learn to the best of their ability and beyond – not forgetting keeping to the curriculum set by the education gods! But as a mum myself I can’t help but feel the pressure that can be laid on by school to be at their expected level of achievement or above, and as a parent I always feel I should be doing more. That is perhaps normal, however I don’t want to become a pushy parent and end up putting them off learning all together.


KEY STAGE 3 Maths is now FREE!  We have decided to offer our Key Stage 3 Maths resource completely free to anyone who would like help with their maths.  So, Join up now for absolutely nothing (and tell your friends!)


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84% of our users felt that Stuck on homework had improved their maths

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Following your great feedback we have just launched our brand new DvdRom that contains all of our GCSE and IGCSE Maths Video Lessons - just in time for revision for this years exams.  

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Stuck on homework was mentioned in the Telegraph on Saturday as Sir Terry Leahy lends his support to their 'Make Britain Count' campaign. Please read the full article here and learn a little more about Stuck on homework:  Sir Terry Leahy: 'I was no great maths genius'

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We have just received a really good teacher recommendation:

'Some of our students signed up for in the run up to their exams this summer.  They spoke highly of the quality of the explanations and recommended it to other students to use next year.  We have just sent a letter out to all our Year 9 and Year 10 students recommending as a good resource to support their child's learning at home'  Mrs Dawn Denyer, Mathematics Subject Leader, Oriel High School.


We received a wonderful quote today from Liz Robinson who purchased Stuck on homework for her son:

” Maths Lady does it again! Your help has been invaluable and I am pleased to be able to tell you that my son got 92% on his recent Y10 maths paper.” 

Stuck Ltd, the company behind, has become a Women in Business Awards 2012 finalist.  

'Although we didn't win, we are extremely proud to reach the final 3 and to be recognised at this early stage of our business'  Teresa Watts, Managing Director.


What do I get if I subscribe?

You get full access to over 200 Video Lessons & Test Yourself questions, a personal Dashboard area which includes a calendar feature and tracks your site activity and our Message Board feature. Why don’t you look at our Stuck Features Tour page to learn more?

How was the teacher selected?

We focused grouped Rebecca along with 2 other teachers with pupils from several UK schools. Rebecca was the most popular with 89% of the Pupil vote. She is also an extremely experienced and dedicated Maths teacher. Please read more about her here

Is Stuck suitable for adult learners?

Yes, Stuck is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their numeracy or take their Maths GCSE or IGCSE exam. We have subscribers who are retired as well as people who need to get their Maths GCSE in order to get the job they want.

How can I contact you?

If you'd like to ask a question or have a query, please e-mail either Helen or Teresa on:

General Information

Our 2.4.1. offer makes sure that you have access to all the video lessons you need to catch up and keep up with your Maths.  Take either Key Stage 3 & GCSE or GCSE and A Level and get total support from the basics up for Just £51.99.

Stuck on homework offers monthly and annual subscriptions for Key Stage 3, GCSE & IGCSE and A Level Maths.  All our lessons cover the entire curriculum from the basics, foundation, Higher and IGCSE.

We also provide Entry Level 1-3 and Levels 1 - 2 Maths video lessons. These lessons have been mapped to City and Guilds qualification  all adult numeracy 

Our annual subscriptions are just £51.99 for 12 months - Less than £1 a week - which gives unlimited access to all the video lessons and quizzes.  However, Key Stage 3 is now a FREE resource!

Or, if you need quick support then our monthly subscriptions are just £9.99 and again gives unlimited access for 30 days.

Our GCSE DVDROM is on offer at the moment at £9.99 (usually £19.99) and provides all our GCSE Video Lessons without the need to have access to the internet! Click here to buy now!

Key Stage 3 Maths is FREE!

Stuck on homework Key Stage 3 provides 188 x Video Lessons and Test Yourself Quizzes that cover the following curriculum subjects:

Numbers - Multiples, Factors, Primes, LCF & HCF, Fractions, Percentages, Sig Fig & Rounding, Decimal Places, Accuracy, Simple & Compound Interest, Ratios, Standard Index Form, Squares, Cubes & Powers of, Negative Numbers, BIDMAS

Algebra - Simple Expressions, Basic, Multiplying, Expanding Single & Double Brackets, Powers & Indices, Factorising, Indices Laws, Number Patterns, Substitution, Formulae, Equations, Rearranging Formula, Converting hours to minutes and vice versa, Inequalities, Graphs, Simultaneous Equations.

Geometry - Polygons, Angles, Bearings, Reflections, Area, Perimeter, Circumference of a Circle, Conversions, Volume, Dimensions, Pythagoras Theorem, Converting Metric to Imperial vice versa, Symmetry, Congruency.

Data Handling - Probability, Line Graphs, Frequency Polygons, Pie Charts, Averages, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency & Grouped.

These lessons are taught by Rebecca Johnson who is presently Head of Maths at Colstons School, Bristol.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE & IGCSE Maths

Key Stage 4 or GCSE & IGCSE provides 218 x Video Lessons and Test Yourself Quizzes that cover the following Topics:

Numbers - General Number Work, Bidmas, Negative Numbers, Decimals, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Laws of indices, Standard Index Form, Fractions, Compound Measure, Surds, Multiples / Factors & Primes

Algebra - The Basics, Substitution, Fractions, Expanding Brackets, Factorising, Subject of a Formula, Completing the Square, Algebraic Variation, Simultaneous Equations, Solving Linear & Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, nth/General Term.

Geometry & Trigonometry - Parallel Line Angles, Circle Theorems, Constructions, Loci, Bearings, Trigonometry, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Angles, Pythagoras' Theorem, Coordinates, 3 Dimensions, Symmetry, Transformations, Scale Factor Enlargement, Vectors.

Graphs - Real Life Graphs, Straight Line Graphs, Quadratic Graphs, Exponential, Reciprocal & Cubic Graphs, Transformation of Graphs.

Data Handling - Probability, Averages, Representing Data, Spread, Definitions, Sampling.

IGCSE Supplements - Functions, Differentiation, Rates of Change, Sets, Venn Diagrams, Quadratic Inequalities.

These video lessons are taught by Rebecca Johnson who is a very experienced and successful Head of Maths from Colstons School in Bristol.  

We recommend that you take advantage of our 2 for 1 offer and buy Key Stage 3 with Key Stage 4 as many of the essential topics start in Key Stage 3 and this provides comprehensive learning support from the basics up.

All of our 218 x GCSE & IGCSE Video Lessons are also available on a Stuck on homework  2-disc DVDROM which is perfect if you don't have internet access.  You can buy it here.

Key Stage 5 - A Level Maths

Key Stage 5 or A Level Maths provides 166 x Video Lessons across C1, 2, 3 & 4, M1, S1 and D1 curriculum topics:

NB. This plan does not include Test Yourself quizzes as the Maths is too complicated, however, we will be adding Worksheets to support the Video Lessons shortly.

C1, C2, C3 & C4 - Algebra & Functions, Coordinate, Geometry, Graphs, Sequences & Series, Trigonometry, Vectors, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical Methods.

Mechanics 1 - Kinematics, Force as a Vector, Equilibrium/Statistics, Newton's Laws /Dynamics, Linear Momentum, Moments.

Statistics 1 - Representing Data, Probablility, Discrete Random Variables, Correlation & Regression, Normal Distribution.

Decision 1 - Algorithms, Graphs, Algorithms on Graphs, Route Inspection, Linear Programming, Travelling Salesment, Matchings.

These lessons are taught by Emma Johnson who teaches at Holycross Sixth Form College in Bury ( C1-4, S1 ), Ieuan Pearson who teaches at Bristol Cathedral School (M1) and Andy Thackray who teaches at Bristol Grammar School (S1).

We recommend that you take advantage of our 2 for 1 offer and buy Key Stage 4 with A Level as many of the essential topics start in Key Stage 4 which would provide 'basics up' learning support.

Entry level 1-3 Maths

Stuck on homework Entry Level 1-3 provides 70 x video lessons that take you through the very basics of maths.  These video lessons have been produced alongside City and Guilds to ensure they meet the present curriculum and best practice.  They cover:

Numbers - Counting and Ordering, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication, Estimating, Using a Calculator

Decimals and Fractions - Read, Write, Find and Compare 1/2 and 1/4, Read and Write Decimals, Read and Compare Fractions, Using a Calculator

Common Measures - Select, Add and Subtract money, Rounding and estimating money, Read and Record Time, Describe, Read and Interpret Distance, Estimate and Measure Length, Weight, Capacity and Temperature, Reading and Writing Dates, Reading Scales.

Shape and Space - Naming 2D & 3D shapes, Describing Positions, Properties of Shapes

Lists, Diagrams, Tables, Graphs - Finding information from Lists, Tables & Graphs, Sorting Objects, Constructing Diagrams, Collecting Information, Using Pictograms and Charts, Presenting information on a Table.

Level 1 & 2 Maths

Stuck on homework Level 1 & 2 Maths provides 80 x Video Lessons that have been produced alongside City & Guilds to ensure they adhere to the pesent best practice.  They cover:

Numbers - Read, Write, Order Numbers, Understand Negatives, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Numbers, Multiplication Facts, Number Relationships, Ratios, Proportions, Rounding and Estimating.

Fractions, Decimal & Percentages - Order and Compare Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Fraction & Percentage Parts, Comparisons, Rouding, Using a Calculator.

Common Measures - Calculating with Money, Read and Record time, Read and Measure Distance and Measures, Add and Subtract Measures, Calculating Volume, Measures and Areas, Perimeter, Conversion Tables, Working with Formulae, Scale Drawings and Calculating Areas of Composite Shapes

Shape and Space - Lines of Symmetry

Data, Graphs, Charts and Measures - Extracting Data from Line Graphs, Organising and Presenting Data, Finding the Mean, Mode and Median & Range, Probability, Writing Numbers as a Fraction, Reading Line Graphs, Organising and Presenting Data on a Chart and Table.



I would definitely recommend the Stuck on Homework online tutor service.

The teacher, Rebecca Johnson, is brilliant. She makes the subject interesting and easy to understand with clear and concise demonstrations, as well as providing many helpful tips.

The tests you can take after a lesson are also extremely useful, as they help to cement the knowledge in your mind and make it easier to remember the method during the exam.

I am confident that using this service helped me to secure an A* grade in my Maths GCSE. I will be continuing to use Stuck On Homework to help with the A-Level course I begin in September.

Isabella Taylor, Stuck on homework subscriber since 2011

my subscription is coming to an end as have my GCSE's which means that i won't be using this site any more come July 1st. i just want to thank everyone involved with stuck on homework and the teacher in the videos as she has extremely helped me. she helped me raise my grade from a D to a B in less than 1 month. i hope an A-level site comes in to place and once again thanks to stuck on homework and anyone that answered mine or anyone else's questions. i hope you get the grades you all deserve Thankyou

Hassan, Stuck on homework subscriber

We have subscribed to Stuck on homework for two years while my son have been doing his GCSE's.  The support and confidence this has given him with his maths has been immeasurable. It is a fantastic tool to help students revise or learn a topic they are not sure about at a pace that suits them, delivered in a way that teenagers accept!

I would highly recommend Stuck on homework for any GCSE maths student, we were at the point of getting my son a tutor but he was not comfortable with this, I then found stuck on homework by chance.  We have felt that he has had his own tutor at home - the benefit was she's been here whenever we needed her not just once a week!

Helen Ferguson, Parent
Stuck on homework is a good idea because it allows children to recap on learning points and effectively revise and it's something that parents can do at home to support their children to achieve the best GCSE grades as possible
Gary Schlick, Head Teacher, Bedminster Down School, Bristol
Improving our education is a top priority and Stuck on homework is a really practical response which could provide a breakthrough for students studying for GCSE. I like that Stuck on homework is a tutor support that every family can afford unlike traditional tutoring which is out of reach for many families
Sir Terry Leahy
I know of no other resource that is as flexible, as detailed and actually as helpful as Stuck on homework that simply provides a teacher in every home
Peter Fraser, Head Teacher, Colston's School Bristol
We cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given our son with his maths. He has always done very well in maths at school , but your site gave him much needed confidence, allowing him to realise that he knew a lot of the work but for the bits he didn’t know, he could learn from Rebecca’s clear and concise teaching method. We have already recommended you to lots of our friends. Thank you.
Liz Robinson, Sheffield
I love your DVDROM of video lessons, a really great product!  We have already started promoting it to our parents!
Sukhdev Ajimal, Head of Maths
You have changed the world of a 15 year old boy, Stuck on homework is a brilliant resource
Richard Manville, Director, PTA Magazine
Picture of Our Maths Teacher, Rebecca Johnson

Our Maths Teacher, Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca comes from an educational family, her father was a University Lecturer and her mother was a Head of Mathematics and Deputy Head. Her Grandparents were teachers too. Rebecca Johnson gained her mathematics degree (Hons) from Surrey University. Initially she did not have any ambitions to teach, however, after helping out a local school when they could not find a suitably qualified supply teacher to cover sick leave, she discovered her vocation.

After qualifying as a teacher she began her career in Bath where she taught mathematics from year 7 through to GCSE and A’level. She also took real pleasure visiting the junior school where she enjoyed teaching Year 6. During this time, Rebecca took on the role of assistant Housemistress, where she cared for boarding pupils aged 7 to 18.

In 2004 Rebecca joined the staff of Colston’s School, Bristol. In 2008 she became Head of Mathematics, leading a highly experienced and dedicated team of maths teachers.